1. All participants are expected to submit the proceedings for publication in Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon and the Related Elements. This has been a long tradition for ICPS-s.
    The length of the plenaries is not limited. Oral presentations including keynotes should be of maximum 4 template pages, and posters of maximum 1 template page.
    The new lay-out of this Journal includes larger pages. The deadline for submissions is Sept 15, 2018.

  2. Pure and Applied Chemistry the Journal of IUPAC again offered the possibility of publishing the full paper versions of the plenary and key-note lectures (also as minireviews).
    The deadline for submissions to Editor Prof. Dr High Burrows is Sept 30, 2018.

  3. Molecules a leading Open Access Journal offered the possibility of considering and accomodating a quality full papers in the "Organophosphorus Chemistry 2018" special issue.
    The deadline for submission is Sept 30, 2018."



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