Petro P. Onys’ko


OniskoProf. Dr. Petro P. Onys’ko
Institute of Organic Chemistry,
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tentative title of lecture: Imidoyl phosphonates: Novel class of imines for organic synthesis.





Education: Graduated from Kyiv National University, Chemical Department (1973). Received his PhD in 1980 (Institute of organic chemistry, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv); received his habilitation in 2006 in the same Institute; in 2014 he was promoted to Full Professor. Currently he is Head of Heteroatom chemistry department in the same Institute.

Business Address: 5 Murmans’ka str., Kyiv 02660, Ukraine

Research and Professional Experience. Research interests: organic synthesis, the chemistry of organophosphorus compounds, organoelement chemistry, fluoroorganic chemistry, functionalized imines, asymmetric synthesis, biomimetic H-transfer, aminocarboxylic and aminophosphonic acids derivatives with potential biological activity. Co-author of more than 150 papers, 3 chapters in chemistry books and 22 patents.

Professional Appointments: After graduation from Kyiv National University he worked in the Institute of Organic Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv as engineer (1973 –1977), scientist (1977-1982), senior scientist (1982-2003), leading scientist (2003-2014); since 2014 he occupies position of Head of heteroatom chemistry department.

Honors: 1979 - Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, First prize with medal for young scientists (1979); Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement compounds, Moscow, USSR, Award for scientific works competition (1982); Award of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences for scientific achievements (1999, 2009); State Award of Ukraine in Science and Technology (2014)


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